The #DrawDisability by Global Observatory for Inclusion contest is open!

Vote for your favourite drawings from August 3 to September 30 2015!

#DrawDisability was launched on December 3, 2014, on the International Day of Persons with Disabilities. In 8 months, the Global Observatory for Inclusion received almost 3,000 drawings from 50 countries around the world.

250 drawings were pre-selected by a jury of experts and now the public is able to vote for their favourite.

Here at Art Nouveau, we selected 5 of our favourite artworks. It was a very hard decision and these ones were chosen based on their heartfelt messages.


Title: The Power of Learning / Author: Kim Sian / Age: 7 / Gender: Female / Country: Korea / School: Shinyongsan Elementary School / Class: 1st

This drawing illustrates a classroom scene, in which students are learning sign language. Through this drawing opportunity, Sian first asked herself “What to do to help people in need?” Which eventually led her to the question, “Why learn?” 

As reflected in the title, The Power of Learning, she attempted to express her findings that learning becomes much more powerful when we learn for others, than for self.”


Title: Give Love, Give Hope / Author” Trubador M. Wisely / Age: 11 / Gender: Male / Country: Philippines / School: Juan Sumulong / Class: VI-3

We shouldn’t judge those persons with disabilities, because we don’t have the right to do so. And even if we were given the right to do so, we shouldn’t tolerate the discrimination. The blind, autistic, etc … should be provided with the love and care they badly need. As we can see, they are special. We should be the ones who understand them. Give love, give hope …


Title: To Jump Romp or Not to Jump / Author: Melis Ucok / Age: 8 / Gender: Female / Country: Turkey / School: Ozel Dunya Koleji / Class: 2nd

The girl is jumping rope but the disabled boy not. An apple falls. A butterfly hardly gets away. Disabled people are one of us. Never cast them out. Birds chirrup. Butterflies dance but the can hear and feel cannot see.”


Title: My Love Dream / Author: 권 단 / Age: 6 / Gender: Female / Country Korea / School” Shinyongsan Elementary School / Class: 1st

I want to dream this dream. Dreaming happily playing with friends and people with disabilities. Helping with rainbow dream of living light the world.”


Title: Colours of the World / Author: Hannelle Chua / Age: 8 / Gender: Female / Country: Philippines / School: Center for Developmental Arts Manila Inc.

Helping the children see the colours of the world. Letting them have a better understanding of what is happening in their surroundings. Giving them awareness of how wonderful the world truly is.

If you wish to vote for paricipating students, follow these links to view the two age groups and their entries: //