I give a Gonski


The Gonski Review is the most comprehensive investigations of the way our schools are funded in over 40 years.

David Gonski found that too many children were being denied the education they needed due to a lack of resources.

The Gonski Review recommended in December on 2011 that schools be funded according to the needs of their students and what was required to educate each one of them to a high standard.

Each school would get a base level of Commonwealth and state funding, plus additional money or loadings to take into account the school’s size and location and the individual needs of students.

An additional $5 billion a year is needed to ensure every school has the resources they need. The vast majority of that funding needs to go to public schools, where student need is higher.

That money would be used to improve:

  • More attention in the classroom
  • Extra Teacher’s Aids in areas such as literacy and numeracy
  • Greater support for children with disabilities or special needs
  • Additional training for educators

Screen Shot 2015-09-20 at 1.23.58 PM

There is currently no Gonski funding for over 100,000 children with a disability. This denies the children the ability to reach their full potential.

The Liberal Government broke its promise to give full needs-based funding for all students with a disability.

Please sign your name to the petition link below and help Gonski to spread necessary funding to all students with a disability.

I give a Gonski petition: igiveagonski.com.au/disability


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